<small>M.B.A, M.Sc. Petroleum Engineering, B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering</small> <p>Principal</p>
Adebayo Kazeem
M.B.A, M.Sc. Petroleum Engineering, B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering


<small>MComm, Hon Dcomm</small> <p>Chairman & Founding Partner</p>
Andile Ngcaba
MComm, Hon Dcomm

Chairman & Founding Partner

<small>B.Comm Accounting</small> <p>Portfolio Analyst</p>
Boitumelo Mosoeu
B.Comm Accounting

Portfolio Analyst

<small>MM in Finance and Investment</small> <p>Analyst</p>
Bontle Letlape
MM in Finance and Investment


<small>BCompt Hons, CA (SA)</small> <p>Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner</p>
Brandon Doyle
BCompt Hons, CA (SA)

Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner

<small>BComm Hons, CA (SA)</small> <p>Principal</p>
Craig Wilson
BComm Hons, CA (SA)


<small>BArts Hons; Postgraduate Diploma in Management</small> <p>Chief Strategy Officer & Partner</p>
Envir Fraser
BArts Hons; Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Chief Strategy Officer & Partner

<small>B Bus Science (Fin) Hons, CA (SA)</small> <p>Chief Investment Officer & Founding Partner</p>
Idan Segal
B Bus Science (Fin) Hons, CA (SA)

Chief Investment Officer & Founding Partner

<small>BBusSci, CA(SA)</small> <p>CFA  Associate</p>
Jarryd Kenedy
BBusSci, CA(SA)

CFA Associate

<small>B Comm Law & Economics, B Compt., Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting Science</small> <p>Risk & SEMS Officer</p>
Jeremy Zinman
B Comm Law & Economics, B Compt., Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting Science

Risk & SEMS Officer

<small> BAcc, BComm Hons, CA(SA)</small> <p>Head: Finance & Human Resources</p>
Lindokuhle Mkhize
BAcc, BComm Hons, CA(SA)

Head: Finance & Human Resources

<small>B Acc (cum laude), B Acc (Hons), CA (SA)</small> <p>Head: Risk & Operations</p>
Mark Fourie
B Acc (cum laude), B Acc (Hons), CA (SA)

Head: Risk & Operations

<small>BCompt (Accounting)</small> <p>Accountant</p>
Mmabatho Tebane
BCompt (Accounting)


<small>LL.B, B.A (Political Science and International Relations)</small> <p>Secretarial and Compliance Manager</p>
Namhla Mzuku
LL.B, B.A (Political Science and International Relations)

Secretarial and Compliance Manager

<small>B Bus Science in Acc. (magna cum laude), PGDipAcc</small> <p>CA Trainee</p>
Naomi Kunene
B Bus Science in Acc. (magna cum laude), PGDipAcc

CA Trainee

<small>Secretarial Studies</small> <p>General Office Assistant</p>
Roselyn Chawapiwa
Secretarial Studies

General Office Assistant

<small>B Acc, CA(SA)</small> <p>Senior Associate</p>
Ruveshan Moodliyar
B Acc, CA(SA)

Senior Associate

<small>BComm Hons, CA (SA)</small> <p>Chief Financial Officer & Founding Partner</p>
Stefan Ferreira
BComm Hons, CA (SA)

Chief Financial Officer & Founding Partner

<small> BSc Econ., CFA </small> <p>Associate</p>
Uchenna Enebeli
BSc Econ., CFA


<small>Bcomm, PGDipAcc, CA(SA)</small> <p>Investor Relations Principal</p>
Yolande Tabo
Bcomm, PGDipAcc, CA(SA)

Investor Relations Principal